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The people’s project as of now has another bus, we took a road trip last week to look at it, and after checking it out and test driving we drove back to The Garden and bid on it and last night the auction closed and we have a bus. Now to go and pick it up.

So now that we have 2 buses, what are we going to do with them and this is what we will do; we will pick up the new bus and bring it back to the Garden where we will be working for the next 2 weeks getting it ready for travel, and then joined by Jarvis, Scott and  bus Chance we will be caravaning to the pipeline to act as a free food kitchen, library, school whatever need we can fill to help, stopping along the way to pick up people and resources.

Is this calling to you?  Meet us at The Garden in Lafayette TN, this will be a rallying point so if you want to meet us here we can leave together. We are looking for people who want to join, jump on the buses or follow along in their own bus or vehicle, people, farms and communities along the way who have supplies such as; an abundance of their harvest, water, tents, tarps, sleeping bags, school materials, kitchen supplies and books.

The main goal being to get to the pipeline and offer relief and support to the people

This is what the people’s project is all about, building a network, moving people, and resources to where they are needed.

If you are interested or can connect us with people who are interested get in touch with us.

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The Garden facebook group


On the road again



This summer was amazing, I’ve said this all summer long, while traveling to different communities, 2 buses, similar vision; to connect and help communities. Now that the summer tour is over the 2 buses have gone their separate ways, but have both kept to this similar vision. So now the people’s project is planning a fall tour, and we have many ideas for where we will head, but it won’t be finalized until our core group come together, this tour is run by consensus so where we go will depend on the initial group decision.

What exactly is the people’s project well I can’t say it better than Allie so here’s her article about it

So a few things specifically which we will be doing during this fall tour are touring communities helping with sustainable projects in order to help them have the ability to accommodate more people, building a relationship and network of these communities, focusing on communities willing to be open to this network of people. Learning and knowing it is possible to live this way.

Feeding people who are out there working and living the change they wish to see in the world such as the water protectors in North Dakota.

Being a traveling occupation with multiple buses serving different purposes within the occupation such as; free kitchen, library, medic, herbal medicine, art, music, media, resources and building supplies, sustainability, info etc… what anyone feels is their contribution, their piece of this puzzle that makes a complete picture.

The tour manifests itself depending on the people coming along, its organic, evolving, love and solution based, unifying our collective power, knowing real change comes with all of us working together and it’s bigger than any one of us and any one cause. Working, learning and growing together.

trading goods and services with communities, keeping everything inside this loop.

Everyone is a part of this equally and if you are interested in coming along and helping in this vision then you are welcome, how you do it is to get in touch with us, whether you are a person who needs a spot on a bus, or you are a bus who needs people, a bus who already has a crew of people, a car, RV or other vehicle with people. We will be waiting at the Garden in Lafayette TN until our departure date come a few weeks from now and then once we are on the road you can always find out where we are and join us.

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Chance Bus- part of the people’s project


It’s only a few more days until the official start of the people’s project/ G4G caravan. The caravan is somewhat of a mini example of what we want to see more of in the world; people helping people,  groups of people working independently, and also together, becoming stronger than we can be alone. We will have several buses and many cars, vans, rv’s and others following and all these vehicles will be working independently, but also together travelling to different communities and bringing this seed to them; that all of these places we stop along the way can work independently, but also work cooperatively together, building a parallel society that is sustainable for the people and the earth.

Jarvis will be driving his bus Chance, starting out the caravan with us at shut up and grow it and he will be following us along the way to help us gain strength in numbers and offer help to support the whole with his kitchen bus and mechanic skills. We will all be travelling together to rainbow nationals and from there we will go our separate ways for a little while, Jarviss will be headed to the RNC and the DNC to help support the people who will be there as activists, serving as a free food kitchen at the gathering places in Cleveland and Philadelphia.

Jarviss will be The People’s kitchen. I had the 2 banners from when I first started my Occupy bus tour a few years ago, we were a mobile food not bombs kitchen and we were part of Occupy Wall Street and the kitchen was called the people’s kitchen, at the DNC there will be a gathering of the people and helping to organize this idea are the people’s revolution check it out, the name the people’s kitchen seems fitting and I am so happy to lend them for such a purpose as this, I am beyond ecstatic that they will be used in this way.

The chance bus has been traveling the country since Jarviss purchased it the end of last year as a free food kitchen. The bus has a full working kitchen inside, a stove that uses propane, running water, cabinets and countertop and it is also big enough to hold a crew of people to run it plus a few more who want to attend and some dogs I’m sure. This is not even the first bus that Jarviss has done this with, this is his thing, helping people, traveling. His friend Scott has been traveling with him for quite a few months now, he is helping him every step of the way, Scott also has a bus at his house which he travels in, but right now he is just along for the ride on Jarviss’s bus.

They are both also diesel mechanics of their own making and have helped me out by doing some work on my bus. They replaced my glow plugs and re-greased my bearings, and will doing an oil change before we leave for the tour.

I live in an intentional community but I feel we can’t just move to an intentional community yet not still be trying to spread this awareness of so many issues in public places for the public, for the public servants. I still want to be working and living with the intent that we can change the world and it takes so many people, so many pieces of the puzzle and everyone is important, each persons part.


Jarviss will need help on this journey, we all need help and just do it anyway, and it just all figures itself out, so if you want to donate to help run his bus down the road which leads to the RNC and the DNC, click on the link below



Shut Up And Grow It



If I can think about what best describes shut up and grow it, it would be eating and working together, if there is something that people do everyday, these two things would be it. Each morning starts in the kitchen, drinking coffee, cooking and eating breakfast together before people break up into smaller groups to work on different projects around the farm, some of the more recent projects would include working in the garden, getting ready the rows, planting seeds, weeding, mulching, building a goat pen for Pearl and her two kids Maple and Magnolia, milking and feeding the goats, and also feeding the pigs, chickens, rabbits and now turkeys, breaking ground on the new office and re-building the school building, of course, preparing meals, washing dishes, heating water, pumping water, watering plants and animals, painting signs, playing music for the people working, supply, garbage and dumpster runs, learning, reading, sharing and just plain playing with the kids and really the list goes on and on.

This place is a 21 acre off-grid community of people who want to build as an example of what could be an alternative towards a healthier earth and people. Everyone is welcome who is welcoming, you don’t have to ask to come, just come if you are interested in this idea of people living sustainably, helping people, living peacefully, and freely, encouraging attachment parenting people and animals alike, people free to choose how they want to contribute their time, what existing community need or project do you want to work on or what new project do you have to offer that best fits you passion.

Some of what the farm has already built into existence are a pump house run from a generator which also has a charging station for cell phones and such which is linked to batteries also charged when the generator is running the water pump, a wood stove hot water heater which then runs to a shower house down the hill, an outhouse, an outdoor kitchen and dining hall with solar panels for lights and another charge station, both areas covered from the weather with a food pantry, a stage, a library, a few chicken coops, a goat yard, pig yard. The top of the hill is a maze of blackberry bushes with paths that lead to all these places plus the community house and many buses and other campers where people live. On the other side, meaning walking on the bridge across the creek to the back 8 acres where there is a cabin. Following the path into the woods behind the kitchen you will come to a waterfall.

This land is a place where people live, but more than that it is meant to be a place for people to build an example of an off grid community and then take that to other communities, building them up, creating a network of these communities and sharing people, resources, ideas and actions to work together to create a better world.



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Grateful Belly Farm Collective


A community working towards living off grid and to be a working farm having abundant produce, a bulk store with a free store and library, setting up the same at farmers markets with a pay what you can policy. Interested in forming a community on the land and also in the wider community; a  community supporting local, organic, whole, food, child led learning homeschool philosophy, gentle parenting practices that respects people’s autonomy and treats people as equals no matter how small or how rich, mutual aid, gathering community for pot luck and seed swaps.

Chris and Jen, the owners of the grateful belly started out traveling with their kids in a bus, then became interested in living in an intentional community and after the experience of living in one decided to start their own. So they bought the farm and grateful belly was born into existence, since that was only a few years ago, it’s still just a baby, even though the house itself is over a hundred years old, it is believed to be one of the oldest houses in all of Hardin County. The farm is located in Savannah, Tennessee.

It is family  friendly. Right now there are more kids than adults. There are many different kinds of people who come here, travelers who stay a few nights to a week or two, some stay longer, help plant a garden and stay through its harvest. Some more long-term, buying land up over the hill to add to the collective vision. Activists and farmers one in the same, planting a seed, building toward a sustainable future.

A farmhouse, a chicken coop, which holds guinea, chicken, along with their babies, and a pregnant rabbit recently traded for a puppy. A barn, outhouse, greenhouse, the bus which Chris and Jen traveled in, which is now home to one family, and the farmhouse which holds Chris and Jens family. An office in the house for all who want to use it to collectively make money for the farm, currently taken up by screenprinting, lip balming, glass making and sewing. Room for tents out of the rain in the barn, which right now there is one containing a few travelers. Space for buses, which as of right now there are two; Adrian’s bus with his two dogs Bugsy and Bonnie May and his girlfriend Ginny and my bus with me and Joy. Room for more families who share in the vision.

If you are interested in coming here send them a message, start a conversation. This is an experiment, let’s see what we can do when we work together.

Below is the link for the grateful belly facebook group

Here is my gofundme if you would like to support my efforts

Follow us on The People’s Project facebook page

and for the grateful belly etsy account where you can purchase sceenprint t-shirts

The People’s Project


By the people, for the people, a solution based people movement, connecting communities, weaving a web of interconnectedness. It is what you make it, an idea built into exsistence, sharing knowledge, learning through experience. Our focus is on uniting together, creating solutions, sharing, helping, education, understanding.

A bus caravan traveling to intentional communities at different points of sustainablility, travelling to cities with different issues and needs, seeing that they are all connected and finding the commonalities and working together towards solutions.

Through art, music, yoga, permaculture, through building clean water, food and energy systems. Through building sustainable structures.

It doesn’t end with us, it continues with us.

This project has been in the works for many years now, coming together as people with the same ideas have been coming together and building relationships, working together in different communities. This summer will be the maiden bus tour. I will be updating this blog as much as I can, telling you about the communities we are visiting, what projects we are helping with, what we are all learning and sharing. I may not have internet all the time and I do have a one and a half year old so I don’t always have much time to work on these things, but I will do my best to share the experience with everyone so we can all learn together and I can hopefully inspire something in you to figure out what piece you may have to offer.

The group of people in the picture above was the group who first came together last fall to talk about the possibilites of the people’s project, some will end up coming on tour, but this idea has gone far beyond this group of people and was in the minds of so many more we were coming together on behalf of so the tour will have it’s own group of people.

I will soon be on my way to shut up and grow it where everyone will be gathering together come the end of May to start the people’s project and before we start I will be working on the schoolhouse project, adding one more layer and whatever else I can at the farm.

More to come…

here’s how you can help fund the schoolhouse project, all donations will go towards supplies needed to complete