Shut Up And Grow It



If I can think about what best describes shut up and grow it, it would be eating and working together, if there is something that people do everyday, these two things would be it. Each morning starts in the kitchen, drinking coffee, cooking and eating breakfast together before people break up into smaller groups to work on different projects around the farm, some of the more recent projects would include working in the garden, getting ready the rows, planting seeds, weeding, mulching, building a goat pen for Pearl and her two kids Maple and Magnolia, milking and feeding the goats, and also feeding the pigs, chickens, rabbits and now turkeys, breaking ground on the new office and re-building the school building, of course, preparing meals, washing dishes, heating water, pumping water, watering plants and animals, painting signs, playing music for the people working, supply, garbage and dumpster runs, learning, reading, sharing and just plain playing with the kids and really the list goes on and on.

This place is a 21 acre off-grid community of people who want to build as an example of what could be an alternative towards a healthier earth and people. Everyone is welcome who is welcoming, you don’t have to ask to come, just come if you are interested in this idea of people living sustainably, helping people, living peacefully, and freely, encouraging attachment parenting people and animals alike, people free to choose how they want to contribute their time, what existing community need or project do you want to work on or what new project do you have to offer that best fits you passion.

Some of what the farm has already built into existence are a pump house run from a generator which also has a charging station for cell phones and such which is linked to batteries also charged when the generator is running the water pump, a wood stove hot water heater which then runs to a shower house down the hill, an outhouse, an outdoor kitchen and dining hall with solar panels for lights and another charge station, both areas covered from the weather with a food pantry, a stage, a library, a few chicken coops, a goat yard, pig yard. The top of the hill is a maze of blackberry bushes with paths that lead to all these places plus the community house and many buses and other campers where people live. On the other side, meaning walking on the bridge across the creek to the back 8 acres where there is a cabin. Following the path into the woods behind the kitchen you will come to a waterfall.

This land is a place where people live, but more than that it is meant to be a place for people to build an example of an off grid community and then take that to other communities, building them up, creating a network of these communities and sharing people, resources, ideas and actions to work together to create a better world.



For more information here’s the facebook group

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