Chance Bus- part of the people’s project


It’s only a few more days until the official start of the people’s project/ G4G caravan. The caravan is somewhat of a mini example of what we want to see more of in the world; people helping people,  groups of people working independently, and also together, becoming stronger than we can be alone. We will have several buses and many cars, vans, rv’s and others following and all these vehicles will be working independently, but also together travelling to different communities and bringing this seed to them; that all of these places we stop along the way can work independently, but also work cooperatively together, building a parallel society that is sustainable for the people and the earth.

Jarvis will be driving his bus Chance, starting out the caravan with us at shut up and grow it and he will be following us along the way to help us gain strength in numbers and offer help to support the whole with his kitchen bus and mechanic skills. We will all be travelling together to rainbow nationals and from there we will go our separate ways for a little while, Jarviss will be headed to the RNC and the DNC to help support the people who will be there as activists, serving as a free food kitchen at the gathering places in Cleveland and Philadelphia.

Jarviss will be The People’s kitchen. I had the 2 banners from when I first started my Occupy bus tour a few years ago, we were a mobile food not bombs kitchen and we were part of Occupy Wall Street and the kitchen was called the people’s kitchen, at the DNC there will be a gathering of the people and helping to organize this idea are the people’s revolution check it out, the name the people’s kitchen seems fitting and I am so happy to lend them for such a purpose as this, I am beyond ecstatic that they will be used in this way.

The chance bus has been traveling the country since Jarviss purchased it the end of last year as a free food kitchen. The bus has a full working kitchen inside, a stove that uses propane, running water, cabinets and countertop and it is also big enough to hold a crew of people to run it plus a few more who want to attend and some dogs I’m sure. This is not even the first bus that Jarviss has done this with, this is his thing, helping people, traveling. His friend Scott has been traveling with him for quite a few months now, he is helping him every step of the way, Scott also has a bus at his house which he travels in, but right now he is just along for the ride on Jarviss’s bus.

They are both also diesel mechanics of their own making and have helped me out by doing some work on my bus. They replaced my glow plugs and re-greased my bearings, and will doing an oil change before we leave for the tour.

I live in an intentional community but I feel we can’t just move to an intentional community yet not still be trying to spread this awareness of so many issues in public places for the public, for the public servants. I still want to be working and living with the intent that we can change the world and it takes so many people, so many pieces of the puzzle and everyone is important, each persons part.


Jarviss will need help on this journey, we all need help and just do it anyway, and it just all figures itself out, so if you want to donate to help run his bus down the road which leads to the RNC and the DNC, click on the link below



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