On the road again



This summer was amazing, I’ve said this all summer long, while traveling to different communities, 2 buses, similar vision; to connect and help communities. Now that the summer tour is over the 2 buses have gone their separate ways, but have both kept to this similar vision. So now the people’s project is planning a fall tour, and we have many ideas for where we will head, but it won’t be finalized until our core group come together, this tour is run by consensus so where we go will depend on the initial group decision.

What exactly is the people’s project well I can’t say it better than Allie so here’s her article about it


So a few things specifically which we will be doing during this fall tour are touring communities helping with sustainable projects in order to help them have the ability to accommodate more people, building a relationship and network of these communities, focusing on communities willing to be open to this network of people. Learning and knowing it is possible to live this way.

Feeding people who are out there working and living the change they wish to see in the world such as the water protectors in North Dakota.

Being a traveling occupation with multiple buses serving different purposes within the occupation such as; free kitchen, library, medic, herbal medicine, art, music, media, resources and building supplies, sustainability, info etc… what anyone feels is their contribution, their piece of this puzzle that makes a complete picture.

The tour manifests itself depending on the people coming along, its organic, evolving, love and solution based, unifying our collective power, knowing real change comes with all of us working together and it’s bigger than any one of us and any one cause. Working, learning and growing together.

trading goods and services with communities, keeping everything inside this loop.

Everyone is a part of this equally and if you are interested in coming along and helping in this vision then you are welcome, how you do it is to get in touch with us, whether you are a person who needs a spot on a bus, or you are a bus who needs people, a bus who already has a crew of people, a car, RV or other vehicle with people. We will be waiting at the Garden in Lafayette TN until our departure date come a few weeks from now and then once we are on the road you can always find out where we are and join us.

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the people’s project gofundme going towards diesel and maintence





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