As of now…This is what’s next!


The people’s project as of now has another bus, we took a road trip last week to look at it, and after checking it out and test driving we drove back to The Garden and bid on it and last night the auction closed and we have a bus. Now to go and pick it up.

So now that we have 2 buses, what are we going to do with them and this is what we will do; we will pick up the new bus and bring it back to the Garden where we will be working for the next 2 weeks getting it ready for travel, and then joined by Jarvis, Scott and  bus Chance we will be caravaning to the pipeline to act as a free food kitchen, library, school whatever need we can fill to help, stopping along the way to pick up people and resources.

Is this calling to you?  Meet us at The Garden in Lafayette TN, this will be a rallying point so if you want to meet us here we can leave together. We are looking for people who want to join, jump on the buses or follow along in their own bus or vehicle, people, farms and communities along the way who have supplies such as; an abundance of their harvest, water, tents, tarps, sleeping bags, school materials, kitchen supplies and books.

The main goal being to get to the pipeline and offer relief and support to the people

This is what the people’s project is all about, building a network, moving people, and resources to where they are needed.

If you are interested or can connect us with people who are interested get in touch with us.

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