Grateful Belly Farm Collective


A community working towards living off grid and to be a working farm having abundant produce, a bulk store with a free store and library, setting up the same at farmers markets with a pay what you can policy. Interested in forming a community on the land and also in the wider community; a  community supporting local, organic, whole, food, child led learning homeschool philosophy, gentle parenting practices that respects people’s autonomy and treats people as equals no matter how small or how rich, mutual aid, gathering community for pot luck and seed swaps.

Chris and Jen, the owners of the grateful belly started out traveling with their kids in a bus, then became interested in living in an intentional community and after the experience of living in one decided to start their own. So they bought the farm and grateful belly was born into existence, since that was only a few years ago, it’s still just a baby, even though the house itself is over a hundred years old, it is believed to be one of the oldest houses in all of Hardin County. The farm is located in Savannah, Tennessee.

It is family  friendly. Right now there are more kids than adults. There are many different kinds of people who come here, travelers who stay a few nights to a week or two, some stay longer, help plant a garden and stay through its harvest. Some more long-term, buying land up over the hill to add to the collective vision. Activists and farmers one in the same, planting a seed, building toward a sustainable future.

A farmhouse, a chicken coop, which holds guinea, chicken, along with their babies, and a pregnant rabbit recently traded for a puppy. A barn, outhouse, greenhouse, the bus which Chris and Jen traveled in, which is now home to one family, and the farmhouse which holds Chris and Jens family. An office in the house for all who want to use it to collectively make money for the farm, currently taken up by screenprinting, lip balming, glass making and sewing. Room for tents out of the rain in the barn, which right now there is one containing a few travelers. Space for buses, which as of right now there are two; Adrian’s bus with his two dogs Bugsy and Bonnie May and his girlfriend Ginny and my bus with me and Joy. Room for more families who share in the vision.

If you are interested in coming here send them a message, start a conversation. This is an experiment, let’s see what we can do when we work together.

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The People’s Project


By the people, for the people, a solution based people movement, connecting communities, weaving a web of interconnectedness. It is what you make it, an idea built into exsistence, sharing knowledge, learning through experience. Our focus is on uniting together, creating solutions, sharing, helping, education, understanding.

A bus caravan traveling to intentional communities at different points of sustainablility, travelling to cities with different issues and needs, seeing that they are all connected and finding the commonalities and working together towards solutions.

Through art, music, yoga, permaculture, through building clean water, food and energy systems. Through building sustainable structures.

It doesn’t end with us, it continues with us.

This project has been in the works for many years now, coming together as people with the same ideas have been coming together and building relationships, working together in different communities. This summer will be the maiden bus tour. I will be updating this blog as much as I can, telling you about the communities we are visiting, what projects we are helping with, what we are all learning and sharing. I may not have internet all the time and I do have a one and a half year old so I don’t always have much time to work on these things, but I will do my best to share the experience with everyone so we can all learn together and I can hopefully inspire something in you to figure out what piece you may have to offer.

The group of people in the picture above was the group who first came together last fall to talk about the possibilites of the people’s project, some will end up coming on tour, but this idea has gone far beyond this group of people and was in the minds of so many more we were coming together on behalf of so the tour will have it’s own group of people.

I will soon be on my way to shut up and grow it where everyone will be gathering together come the end of May to start the people’s project and before we start I will be working on the schoolhouse project, adding one more layer and whatever else I can at the farm.

More to come…

here’s how you can help fund the schoolhouse project, all donations will go towards supplies needed to complete